Welcome to Yamabushi Kennel!

Yamabushi Kennel (山伏犬舎) is a small nonprofit kennel located in remote mountains of the American Southwest. Yamabushi Kennel is honored to be the first Kai Ken Aigokai (甲斐犬愛護会) registered kennel residing outside of Japan. The Kai Ken Aigokai (KKA) is the Kai Ken preservation society of Japan of which we are a member. Our kennel's focus is that of preserving the Kai Ken in North America (北米甲斐犬保存会). Working closely with other Kai Ken Aigokai members, we have hand-picked our Kai Ken from Aigokai kennels in Japan with an eye on temperament, genetic diversity, and health. Our goal is to produce Kai Ken that are true in type and function of the Kai Ken in Japan. Because of this, we selectively breed our Kai Ken to meet the Kai Ken Aigokai standard which is the original and official Kai Ken standard. All Yamabushi Kai Ken are raised in a family environment, and are not kept kenneled runs.

Yamabushi Kennel is taking an extended break from our preservation and breeding efforts. We are no longer accepting reservations for future litters. Please feel free to email us at with questions or join The Nihon Ken Forum to learn more about the six native Japanese breeds. Thank you!